Eat Chocolate! Wednesday Lenten Testimonials


Week 1: Mindfulness

Join Pastor Michelle, Jema Elms and Jen Moix for a reflection on mindfulness and what it means for all of us in the Lenten season.


Week 2: Awe

Hear Blake Shinn tell us how he finds awe in nature through the art of photography.


Week 3: Glory

This week we see the behind-the-scene preparation for creating an online worship service.


Week 4: Rejoice

Members of our Good News Celebration Praise Band share with us how music brings them joy.


Week 5: Delight

Cooper and Lauren share how you can find delight in the places around you — even the Great Hall!


Week 6: Extravagance

Learn about the extravagance seen at the Conway FUMC Food Pantry.