Outdoor and Recreational Ministries

For more information about any of these outdoor and sporting events, please call the church office at 501.329.3801 and watch your Witness for upcoming activities.

Family Canoe Trips and Campouts

These fun outdoor activities are normally held in the spring and the fall to provide opportunities for the entire church to enjoy a slower pace, fresh air, family fun and Christian fellowship. Sponsored by the Outdoor Ministries Committee.

Family Canoe Trips

Adult League Sports

We provide opportunities for fellowship through recreational sports.  Men’s softball and women’s volleyball have been the most popular in our recent past, but we are willing to organize teams for any sport where there is enough interest.  Team registration will be announced in the Witness.  Whether you are a player or a spectator, it is great fun and fellowship with church friends.  If there is an adult league in which you would like to participate, let us know. Contact Kisha Bumpers at kbumpers@conwayfumc.org.