Activities that Support Missions

At First United Methodist Church, we are mission minded. It is important to our faith. This is theologically and biblically based. We follow Christ and His teachings.

Christmas Coffeehouse

Christmas Coffeehouse is FUMC’s festive and fun way of providing opportunities for mission education and mission support.  The FUMC Mission Committee wants everyone to know about the missions our congregation supports locally and globally.  At the Christmas Coffeehouse, you’ll find booths devoted to these programs as well as to other service organizations from the central Arkansas area.  As you learn, you can do some Christmas shopping, as several of these organizations sell items to fund the work they do.  The Christmas Coffeehouse also serves as the FUMC Mission Committee’s primary fundraiser.  Through donations and participation in our silent auction, you can help support their work throughout the year.  All of this happens against a background of live music, coffee, treats and fellowship!


Trivia Night

Sponsored by the church’s Mission Committee, Trivia Night is a fun activity for all ages! Teams of 10 people answer questions in all categories of interest, vying for the title of Trivia Champion! Trivia Night is free and open to the public, and is normally held in either June or July.