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Summer Calendar 2017


Summer Weekly Schedule:

10:00 – 11:00 a.m. — Sunday School

Tuesday’s Out – Youth Activities: (Times Vary) see calendar

    • June 6 – Pool Party – Mulhearn’s Pool   
    • June 13-  Paintball @ Jack’s Ultra Sports
    • June 20 – AR Travelers Game 
    • June 27 – Paint Party @ the Church
    • July 11 – Movie @ Cinemark TBD 
    • July 18 – Ice Skating [BROOM BALL] – AR Skatium 

Thursday YM (Youth Meals): (alternates between breakfast and lunch each week) 

    • June 15 – Bob’s Grill – 9am
    • June 22 – Tacos 4 Life Dave Ward – 12:30pm 
    • July 6 – Chick Fil A Salem – 9am 
    • July 13 – Blaze Pizza – 12:30pm 
    • July 20 – IHOP – 9am 

Youth Week Schedule:

Aug. 1 – Murry’s Dinner Theater – Wizard of OZ –

Aug. 2 – Day in Memphis – 8a-10p

Aug. 3 – Altitude Trampoline Park – 6p

Aug. 4 – “Bright Night” Methodist Family Health Event – Big Rock Fun Park

Aug. 5 – Movie Night – 3 Movies – 5p

Aug. 6 – Bowling – 7p

Aug. 7 – Tie-Dye Party @ the Church – 6p

Sign Ups to Help the Youth Ministry

Your youth need you!!

Sign up here to serve in your youth ministry. This is not a parents-only thing. We would love for all of our church family to pitch in. We can’t do it without y’all!

Youth TO Sign Ups for Youth and Chaperones
Youth Week Sign Up for Youth and Chaperones
C1Youth Medical Release form
Each youth must have one of these forms on file before they are able to join us on any trips or events.


C1Youth Annual Medical and Consent Form

1610 Investor Forms

Below you will find links for the 1610 Investor program for the Conway FUMC Youth Department.  If you have questions, please contact our director of Youth Ministries, Zach Schrick, via email at

Direct Draft Form

New Investment Form

Existing Investor Form

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Conway FUMC Youth Calendar

Safe Sanctuary Certification
If you would like to volunteer with the Youth Ministries of First United Methodist Church, you must be Safe Sanctuary certified. To view our online Safe Sanctuary certification video, please click the Safe Sanctuaries logo below. For more information, please call the church at 501.329.3801.

Safe Sanctuarys

ParenTeen Ministry

In case you missed any of our meetings of the new ParenTeen Ministry.

ParenTeen ParenTips

Session 1: What’s Going on in Their Heads?

Teen Brains and Behavior

Brittney Schrick, Ph.D. and Pebble Sutherland, M.D.

What’s Going On?

  • Teen brains aren’t fully developed. Especially the prefrontal cortex and the limbic system.
  • This means teens aren’t quite capable of consistent impulse control, they can’t really plan ahead or see long-term consequences of behavior, they may blow small things out of proportion and underestimate the meaning of big things.
  • They probably have some noticeable mood swings, some tendency to withdraw from you in favor of peers, some preoccupation with appearance and grooming, and a dip in self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Teens are more susceptible than adults to the development of addictive behaviors because their brains are still developing pathways that tell them what feels good. Couple that with their lack of impulse control and lack of ability to assess long-term consequences, it may lead them to developing problem behaviors.

What Can I Do?

  • Be present, and pay attention
  • Listen to them (really listen, don’t just sit and wait to talk)
  • Encourage them to sleep
  • Encourage healthy choices
  • Let them mess up
  • Allow natural consequences to occur (assuming they won’t cause irreparable harm)
  • Set clear, consistent rules
  • Offer opportunities for responsibility
  • Take their perspective…and let them know it
  • Practice mindfulness with your child

ParenTeen ParenTips printable version

Family Parenting Resources attached families​​    (chores)


Additional Reading:

“Children the Challenge” Rudolf Dreikers

“Beyond Codependency” Melodie Beattie

“What Do You Say After You Say Hello?” Eric Berne

“Adult Children of Alcoholics” Janet Woititz

5 Love Language Assessments

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Have a free Thursday afternoon this summer? If so, consider volunteering at our Food Pantry 3:45-6:30 p.m. Text Zach or Dee to let them know #leadwithlove #liveitout ...

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Join us tomorrow for a fun night of painting with our very own instructor, @sydneymulhearn 🖌🖼 ...

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We made it here safely to Blytheville!! Please be in prayer for a great week here at #OMPBlytheville17!! ...

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Travs game!! #allyoucaneat #leadwithlove #liveitout ...

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Thursday YM this Week at T4L on Dave Ward 12:30. Bring $$ and your friends and come join us!! Text us if you're coming so we can have enough space for all of us. ...

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