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Children’s Sunday School Classes

We are dedicated to providing children with opportunities for study, worship, fellowship, and missions.  Classes for grades K – 6 meet in the basement beneath the Sanctuary.  Classes for infants and younger children are located in the children’s wing of the Trinity Building.

Nursery and Early Christian Awareness (ECA)

Our youngest children begin to learn about God in our Early Christian Awareness class.  Babies will see, touch, and hear about God and His creations in a caring and loving atmosphere.  ECA takes place during the Sunday school hour and nursery is provided throughout the morning.  These classes are held in the nursery area of the Trinity building on the west side of the campus.

Early Christian Awareness is designed for toddlers and young twos in our Frog Classes.  It takes place during the Sunday school nursery hour.  Children sit around a table just right for little people.  We sing songs about the Bible, families, dogs, frogs and other creatures that God has created.  As they listen, children are encouraged to pass around the items they sing about.  This helps to teach sharing and keeps their attention as they watch for new things to appear.  These simple songs are easy to learn and we do not require that you even carry a tune to lead.  At this age, they love the words, actions and materials, so your voice quality is not important.  We hope to have several leaders to take turns leading ECA.  Contact Pam Lentz via telephone at 501.329.3801 or email at to volunteer.

Little Seekers

Little Seekers offers 2- to 4-year-olds a multi-sensory learning environment for learning the stories of the Bible.  We use learning center play, snack making, games, music and active storytelling to help children better understand the stories of our faith.  This is offered during the Sunday School hour.  These classes are held in the Early Childhood Center classrooms in the Trinity building on the west side of the campus.

Each age level has their own curriculum written just for them.  Each month, your preschooler will learn a different story from the Bible.  Our classrooms are designed with learning centers to provide an hour full of play that leads your child to better understanding of the stories of our faith.

Little Seeker Lessons

  • God’s Gifts
  • Giving Thanks
  • Christmas
  • Families
  • I’m Growing
  • Follow Me
  • Easter & Prayer
  • Love One Another

Seekers is our Kindergarten through 4th grade Sunday school program.  Our goal is to help children learn by offering a variety of different learning styles and multi-sensory experiences.  These classes are held in the basement of the Sanctuary building, surrounding the center “courtyard” area.  Kindergarteners meet in their own classroom each week while 1st – 4th grade children will rotate by grade level to a different themed room each week.  In a five-week period, children will travel through the following rooms: Joyful Noise, Music Movement, Creation Station Art, Promised Land Production Drama Room, Good News Theater, and Daily Bread Kitchen.  These classes are held in the basement of the Sanctuary building, surrounding the center “courtyard” area.